Don’t believe the saying:…..”You have two left feet!”....
With the positive encouragement from a well organized dance instructor, Andre,  who has loads of patience, focus, energy, style and humour, I have learned to become a capable dancer and now I dance with much more confidence. I really appreciate your efforts in explaining to me, and helping me to recognize the different beats in music. Your interest in your students is exceptional. - [Tania Schiebe]

I have not been dancing for long, but since I have started I have not been able to stop. Whether it’s at college or at work. Now that I know how to dance I feel like I can do anything, including sweeping almost anyone off their feet. I thank it all to Michelle and Dance Domain.  I started dancing due to a friend who told me I should just give it a try. Since I have been with Dance Domain Durbanville my dancing has been going great, even when I have had some really rough days my dancing is what cheers me up. I can always rely on my teacher to cheer me up. Through Latin and ballroom dancing I have been able to express myself, where in the past I could not even do that verbally. I have not regretted a second that I started dancing. I believe it is one of the best choices I have made. Thank you Dance Domain. - [Wesley Van Huyssteen]

I discovered Dance Domain Montague Gardens in 2007 and consider my dancing the greatest gift I could have given myself. It is the only studio I found that I could join without having my own partner. I have subsequently become very active in competitive dancing, thanks to my professional partner.The vibe there is friendly and fun, as are the teachers and my fellow students. I love it!”   - [Marilyn Miller]

It all started by a friend bringing to a social one evening. I was in my work uniform with boots and all and felt really out of it, but everyone was having a great time and pretty soon I was enjoying it too. Dancing has never come naturally to me and when I decided to start taking lessons, I was really stressed about whether or not I would get along with my instructor. I stressed all for nothing, as they partnered me with the best possible person! Chris has so much patience and makes learning to dance fun. I’ve also made friends since joining, and the staff make you feel part of the family. I still drive the 110 km there and back every Wednesday for my lessons even though there are dance schools a mere 30 km away. Dance Domain makes it all worth it. - [Karen Engelbrecht]

Dance Domain Montague Gardens is a place where size, shape and experience doesn’t matter - all that matters, is FUN.  My teacher is a darling who can make you forget your worst day and has a way of working you so hard while you laugh.  Truly one of the highlights in my busy schedule - [Elzahn]

It was tv’s Strictly Come Dancing that first inspired me.  But!  it ‘Takes Two To Tango’.  I thought that without a partner, learning to dance was out for me.  So I wrongly thought !   At Dance Domain most students definitely walk in by themselves.  If you can move it and you feel it you can learn to dance!  So I discovered Dance Domain Stellenbosch. That was a year ago when I opted for a combo of private and group classes.  What I really appreciate is the very organized teaching structure at Dance Domain.  And that’s whether you’re doing private lessons, group lessons or both, whether learning one dance or ten.  They teach you the ‘abc’ of dance.  You learn at your own speed (or leisure) – it’s all up to you, no pressure. At Stellenbosch no one sits out a dance unless they want to.  Everyone dances with everyone, the good ones with beginners, teachers with students – it’s just so very lekker - [Jenny Kavarana]

The different levels between young & old(er) beginners & more advanced is addressed in a unique personal way by each dance instructor. Tony has the patience of a Saint, thank you. - [Lydia]

My husband and I are in our fifties, both overweight and extremely unfit. We joined Dance Domain Montague Gardens 4 years ago to learn a few dance steps for someone’s wedding.  We are still there!!!  Our teacher, Andre, is friendly, humorous, talented and most importantly; patient!!   Going for lessons is more like going to visit friends. -[the van Zyl’s]

What dancing has done for me the most is, it has help me become a more confident and expressive person, where previously I was very much an introvert. The studio is a place where I can meet new people, have fun and enjoy myself, but at the same time also experience the more serious competitive side of dancing. My instructor, Michelle, has made my dancing experience a memorable one, exposing me to competitions on an international level. She is patient and edifies me, motivating me to work harder. From my time at Dance Domain Durbanville I can say that I truly love dancing. - [Antonio Pepe]

Dance Domain is more than just a dance studio. There are lots of new friends to be made and dancing is a nice way of doing that in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The teachers are special as they are patient and understanding. - [Barbara]

I took up dancing 9 years ago but stopped. I missed it terribly and could feel that my confidence was dropping. It took a lot of courage  for me to start again but this time at the best dance studio in SA. Everyone was welcoming and encouraging. I’m so glad I started dancing again and to top it off, I have made new friends. Thank you Dance Domain Table View for everything! - [Tammy Gerber]

Dance Domain Durbanville is a super friendly studio. They have been so supportive and made us believe that even we can dance. We really look forward to dancing every week - the worries of work are all forgotten. Darren is an awesome teacher, patient and helpful, and really good at spotting the one small thing to change, that will stop you from falling over. His attention to detail makes it so easy to learn from him. - [Greg & Delia Saunderson]
The past years I have been at Dance Domain Montague Gardens has been an absolute fantastic experience. Through dancing I have met new friends, gained more self confidence and found an enjoyable way to keep fit. The personnel at Dance Domain are friendly, professional and will always put a smile back on your  face. I simply LOVE IT! - [Michelle Carstens]

I decided to learn to tango as an annual challenge, and Durbanville was recommended as it was closest to my home. I decided to pluck up the courage and enroll. As someone who has never danced ballroom or latin before, Michelle has been very patient with my left handed way of thinking, and made it very easy for me to learn not only the tango, but a whole string of dances that I have not even considered. Well, 11 months later I have competed in 3 competitions, won medals and a trophy. The tango still remains my goal but the foxtrot and the cha cha are also right up there with the other dances that I like. Michelle is always ready to give encouragement and pick up my spirits when I struggle with a difficult step. Her smile and high fives are a great reward when the dance comes together. - [Buddy Ekron]

I started to dance at the age of 50 to improve my health. Brackenfell studio took me in and with much patience and dedication taught me how to dance. I now love it so much that I cannot wait for my classes and I have even competed internationally. And my health? Well I am much fitter. Thanks guys! - [Aletta]

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