Dance Domain Dance Studios is widely spread throughout the Cape Town area, so we are bound to have a branch near you where you can learn to dance. Taking dance classes and choosing a dance studio is not as easy as you would think. Different dance schools cater for different needs.

There are salsa clubs, langarm clubs, ballroom dance studios, latin dance studios and social dance studios. We are the only dance organization that offers all of the above under one roof.

Private Dance Lessons

During your one on one dance lessons you will receive personal training that will help you achieve your specific goals in dancing. Your dance instructor will spend time on the necessary technique, styling and general dance improvement for yourself. We keep an up to date file on your progress and everything you have learned as part of your instruction.

Group Dance Lessons

Group dance lessons are an important addendum to your private lessons. They give you the opportunity to build your foundation of the new dance or steps you are learning.  They give you and opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits and meet other students on your level. We focus primarily on the step and it is danced over and over until you are comfortable with it. Your instructor will then make use of the private classes to fix up the steps you have already learned, without having to waste time on your private classes teaching you the steps . Our group classes are divided into different levels, so if you are a beginner and there for the first time you will be joining our beginners dance class where they focus only on the basics.

Social Dance Sessions

This is where the dance studios main lights are turned off and the disco lights go on. We make use of this opportunity to put everything into practice that we have learned on our private and group classes. Dance Instructors are available to help you with any moves you may be stuggling with,  or just to dance with you as a bit of practice. We play modern music that you would hear at weddings  or functions so you can identify what dances go with music that is currently popular. We host these every Wednesday and Friday evenings, from 8-10pm