Additional Dances

The following additional dance styles are offered at our Paarl branch. Please contact them directly for days and times

Sola Latin

A syllabus of Latin inspired dances which allows you to move – express and interpret the music as an individual or within a group; without the restriction of a fixed partnership. These high energy, fun dances bring a fresh and exciting dimension to dancing…!

Dance Fitness

These high powered fitness classes are based on energetic dance moves and designed to increase endurance – improve stamina and speed – and ensure reduced fatigue during lengthy dance routines…

Dance Flexibility

These relaxing classes are designed to improve the overall flexibility of dancers in all genres – increasing the range of motion and movements of the body – putting you in touch with your inner core…. leaving you positively rejuvenated..!

Open Modern Classes

These classes offer you the opportunity to express your emotions and inner feelings through creative movements – while sharing your interpretation of the music you dance to…

Open Hip Hop Classes

This energetic – high speed and fun style of dancing will ensure you enjoy a great session of dancing to some funky…urban music..!