Ballroom Dances


Originating in the 1910’s and popularised by Harry Fox, a vaudeville star, this progressive smooth dance gained popularity in the 1930’s. The social foxtrot is the origin of all langarm/sokkie dancing in South Africa.


There are several variations of the Waltz, including Viennese waltz, Slow, (Ballroom) waltz (ballroom waltz) and Boere Waltz. It is an elegant dance characterised by rise and fall. It is both a folk dance of Austrian origin and a Standard Ballroom dance.


Tango has many differing styles, the most popular being the Argentine Tango which developed in the 1880’s and the Ballroom Tango which is one of the standard ballroom dances. It is dominated by fast, aggressive movements combined with intense moments between partners.


A combination of Foxtrot and Charleston, the Quickstep developed in the 1920’s. It is light hearted and light footed, flowing freely around the dance floor, with energy and enthusiasm.