Latin Dances

Cha cha

Originating from the Rumba, Cha Cha is a fast Cuban dance characterised by cheeky interaction between partners. A Favourite of beginners in Latin dancing.


Brazilian of origin, and popularised by the dancers at the Rio Carnival two styles of samba exist, the ballroom style being more progressive by nature and the Brazilian style being more static. Both styles however are dominated by sultry, sexy moves.


Two main styles of rumba exist, the Cuban (box) Rumba and International (Ballroom) Rumba. It is characterised by intense interaction between partners, owning the label of the love dance. Sultry and sexy it originated with African/Cuban rhythms. It is also referred to as Rhumba. The International style is closely related to Bolero.


Belonging to a the large family of Swing dances, characterised by the syncopated music of Lindy, Rock and Roll, Jitterbug etc, the Jive was popular in America in the 1930’s and remains so today worldwide. Fast paced and energetic!

Paso doble

This dance is Spanish in origin. The music and dance reflects the matadors in the arena, bullfighting on the dance floor. Extremely masculine by nature.


A Cuban street dance dominated by strong rhythms and fast movements.


The National dance of Spain, A gentle rhythm related to a slow son, very romantic and intimate by nature.